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D.R. Dolen is a product developer who was the first to formulate lip balm with all natural SoyWax.  For five years now, she has been asked numerous times by Spa Industry Leaders to develop an all natural vegetable based wax dip to replace the paraffin (petrol) product.  *Dolen realized the only reason there was not one already on the market is because it would have to be a much more expensive product known as beeswax.  Beeswax is a volatile market and would not be cost effective. 

     Dolen has been working with soy since Cargill introduced all natural soy based products a few years ago.  Understanding Soy Wax as a relatively new, but superior and competitively priced material to Paraffin, Dolen was able to accomplish excellent formulations to meet the needs of the Spa's and the end user with a natural product.  Not to mention is a very nourishing medium in its own right and supports the Farmers.   *Until her invention, no one has addressed this critical need in the Spa Industry.  For this reason her trademark and copyright of content pages will be aggressively protected.

     Dolen, is an expert in therapeutic essential and unique carrier oils, such as Rose Hip, Starflower (Borage) and maintains her focus on natural results based performance materials and solutions.   After perfecting her SoySpaBath Vegetable Hand & Foot  Wax Dip,  she could readily see how the benefits and properties of therapeutic oils could be maximized with the use of SoySpaBath.  She found it beyond remarkable that highly therapeutic oil formulations, in their own merit,  could reach even a higher potential by applying heat, thus penetrating therapeutic oils deeper into the skin.

She is highly committed to bringing only the highest and most beneficial quality products to the market while being sensitive to affordability for the end user.

*All content pages copyright protected 2005.

*Soy Spa Bath U.S. Patent and Trademark Number 78829563

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