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This Product was made in Staton Island - Due to Sandy it will be Out of Stock Until Relocation and Further Notice


SoySpaBathTM is an all natural paraffin  alternative made with SoyWaxTM Day Spas love it so much, they taught us to make it "portable," unique to each client and eliminating many issues posed by paraffin systems.  We now offer easy to use personalized pouches!

Warm wax baths also known as "dips" have been used for many years by Day Spas to soothe many ailments including arthritic pain, inflammation, as well as to hydrate, soften and moisturize the skin more than can be imagined.  SoySpaBath is warmed in a microwave which eliminates the need for costly equipment.  Spas are also using their existing warmers to use our product.  Our product does not require a warmer and hours to obtain the needed temperature.


Results of dipping?  Skin as soft as a babies bottom and performance based results on other areas such as relief for dry elbows or tight muscles.  To address specific areas such as muscles or to create deep penetrating facials the wax can be painted on with a brush.  *The wax is soft and supple.  It gently peels right off after use.  Most users relax for 20 minutes before removal.

We do find, regardless of what wax system you are using, the application of a high end carrier oil  just prior to dipping maximizes the benefits of that oil to its highest potential.  One example would be tiger balm on a tense muscle.  The heat of the wax will work together with the therapeutic properties of the balm.  For dry hands, a carrier oil such as our unique and Nurturing Bee Pollen Oil will offer outstanding results.

Hygienic   Portable    Microwavable   Strip Free    All Natural    Soy 

Order SoySpaBath:

This Product was made in Staton Island - Due to Sandy it will be Out of Stock Until Relocation and Further Notice

Sold in 1 kilo(2.2 lb) -12 treatments per kilo.  There are 12 Soy Buds per kilo bag.  Treatment for a pair of hands, for example, would require 1 Soy Bud.

$32.00 a 2 lb/1 kilo bag - 2 bag minimum order (24 buds).


SoySpaBath is by far a more natural medium to use and works just as well as the former "paraffin" wax, if not better.  Because Soy in general is nourishing to the skin and paraffin is a known carcinogenic by the EPA.  *The heat of the wax is what truly works.

SoySpaBath heats up on demand.

Because SoySpaBath is personal to each user, hygiene issues stay in check.  

Soy products in general greatly help support Farmer's and not oil wells.  Click here if you need to know why paraffin is so bad for you and why we made this product.

With SoySpaBath you do not need to only dip a few times to get a true thick coat.  *Former waxes require up to 19 dips!

SoySpaBath is just as affordable.  Paraffin is a 40 Billion dollar a year market and many companies are heavily invested in it.  No one thought a more natural source would ever come along is one reason.  Beeswax, for example, could never meet the demand of the therapeutic market without being outrageously expensive.  This means the change over will be rather slow in the commercial markets. 

With SoySpaBath you can use your favorite therapeutic lotions, oils, or our blends to absorb deeper into the skin.  Application provides instant relief for dry skin and countless other ailments.  A warm wax dip is such an affordable Luxury! 

SoySpaBath can also be applied to the entire body to help tone the skin, stimulate the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation just as the paraffin market claims.

and Soy Lipids are truly a revolutionary all natural solution to former wax dips!

  Coming Soon!

This Product was made in Staton Island - Due to Sandy it will be Out of Stock Until Relocation and Further Notice

Results Based Support Products

Allspice-Eczema .05 oz Ampoule (1 Application) 15 ml

Cinnamon-Anti-Inflammatory  .05 oz Ampoule (1 Application) 15 ml

Eucalyptus & Spearmint-Anti-Aging  .05 oz Ampoule (1 Application) 15 ml

Lavender-Breast Firming .05 oz Ampoule (1 Application) 15 ml

Tangerine & Ginger-Slimming .05 oz Ampoule (1 Application) 15 ml

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     SoySpaBath offers the highest quality guarantee of specific and target support oils and lotions, such as Starflower oil also known as Borage Oil (great for eczema sufferers) and Rose Hip Oil (world renowned for high vitamin C content and tissue regeneration,) beyond a myriad of other truly healing essential and carrier oil blends.  *We also never use mineral oil in our products as that happens to be another by product of paraffin.  Mineral oil is loved by the cosmetic industry only because it is just about the cheapest oil there is.  Consumers do not generally know this and pay high end prices for what is just mineral oil.

SoySpaBath can also be used to administer high quality spa type facials.  Our 1/2 ounce (15 ml) Ampoules are highly therapeutic oil formulations in their own merit, and can reach their highest potential by applying heat, thus penetrating quality therapeutic oils deeper into the skin for superior results.

SoySpaBath offers 4 Ounce (113 gram) sizes as well as Ampoules (optional) for specific results.  The 1/2 ounce ampoules are typically essential oils blended with high quality cold pressed seeds, primrose or borage--depending on the goal and or relief sought.

This Product was made in Staton Island - Due to Sandy it will be Out of Stock Until Relocation and Further Notice


Can I add my own blends such as shea butter?  Sure, but your best benefit would be applying it direct to the skin and then using the wax.  The wax is disposable and a majority of your high end shea butter will end up being disposed with it. 

What are the ingredients of SoySpaBath?  Soy lipids, Candelilla Wax,  Bee Pollen Oil, Shea Butter, and Castor Oil.


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*Soy Spa Bath U.S. Patent and Trademark Number 78829563

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